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The hospitality industry is such a unique working environment combining high-pressure work and long hours mixed with incredible joy and passion; yet so often drenched in alcohol and filled with illicit drugs. This keeps our industry at the top of the charts for substance use disorder. Some of our greatest take better care of their customers than they do themselves. Some of our youngest will never be gifted a future if we don’t change the standards that we set for them today.

Too many people are dying and we believe there is another way. It is out of this great concern for those we have lost, and those who we are losing, that Restaurant Recovery was born.

It is hard for many of us in this industry to know when and how to ask for help. Restaurant Recovery aims to open conversations about recovery for anyone struggling to work free of the destructive cycle that traps so many of us.

Keeping honesty and compassion at the forefront, Restaurant Recovery offers support and solutions without judgement. We aim to heal restaurant culture, not by sanitizing or vilifying our industry, but by harnessing the immense creativity, ingenuity, resilience, and hope.

  • We offer restaurant and bar staff the financial assistance they need to seek help with drug and alcohol treatment

  • We sponsor recovery meetings for those who are thinking about getting sober and those who are maintaining their recovery while continuing to work in the industry

  • We devote time and resources to helping family members and loved ones through what can feel like an isolating process

Restaurant Recovery is safe and confidential. We are all in this together, and none of us can do it alone. But we need your help. Donate today to fund access to treatment, to further awareness, and to help our restaurant and bar family heal.

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