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Help Our Industry Heal.

Too many people are dying, addicted, or struggling with their emotional well-being, and we believe there is another way.


• One time donations
• Recurring donations
• Corporate sponsorship


• Recovery Roundup program
• Healthcare professionals
• Volunteers


• Submit a confidential enquiry
• Apply for help for yourself
• Seek help for a friend or loved one


Our Inspiration

It is hard for to ask for help in this line of work. Keeping honesty and compassion at the forefront, Restaurant Recovery wants to provide safe and confidential spaces for conversations about recovery, and support without judgment. The aim is to heal restaurant and bar culture, not by sanitizing or vilifying, but by encouraging resilience, community, and hope. We are all in this together.

How YOU can help

Everyone we work with will have different financial needs and obligations to be met. Those with health insurance may only need a few hundred dollars to help cover bills; others may require $50,000 (the cost of a full 90 days of inpatient care, help with bills, and flights to and from one of the centers we work with). We are dedicated to helping as many people as we can, and every penny donated will allow us to do more for those who are struggling. Once we get our financial foundation in order, we will be able to start really offering the support our community needs. Donate today to fund access to treatment, to further awareness, and to help our restaurant and bar family heal.


• $25 – The costs of a support meeting


• $100 – A single assessment by a member of our team of licensed addiction professionals


• $500 – Education initiatives for 1 month
• $1,000 – Outreach initiatives for 6 months
• $2,000 – Pay the “average” bills of 1 person for a month


• $12,000 – 30 days of industry-specialized treatment for 1 person
• $36,000 – 90 days of industry-specialized treatment for 1 person
• $50,000 – 90 days of industry-specialized treatment for 1 person, plus bills, flights, and all other costs associated with entering recovery
• $150,000 – Covers industry-specialized treatment for 5 people, plus bills, flights, and all other costs associated with entering recovery
• $200,000 – Covers RR operating budget for the first year
• $1,000,000 – Launch RR in the top 10 largest cities in the U.S.

Raising Standards for Rehabilitation

Restaurant Recovery trusts Beachway Therapy Center exclusively for inpatient recovery needs based on personal lasting relationships. The experienced staff partners with you. They listen. They get to know you as a person. They come to the table knowing what it’s like to struggle with addiction—and how to recover and thrive. Beachway Therapy Center has strong ties and passion for the restaurant and bar industry within their ownership, and have donated treatment program scholarships to help our industry heal. Beachway ranks in the top 1% of addiction treatment facilities in the country. That’s because they’re focused on providing the highest standard of substance abuse treatment. Their commitment to delivering quality and meeting rigorous standards is acknowledged by a Joint Commission independent review. Through the experienced care of licensed professionals, the core of clients’ addictions needs are met at their deepest emotional and mental levels. Their proven, award-winning programs guide clients towards a healthy recovery as they overcome the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. At Beachway they understand that there may not be a second chance at recovery so they strive to be the last treatment program you will need. By providing a continuum of care, from PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) to Outpatient services, a fully individualized treatment plan will meet the clinical and medical needs of each client. Length of stay will vary for each client. By providing an extremely low client-to-therapist ratio, they can identify and address underlying, co-occuring disorders. Under such professional supervision clients can begin to recover in a safe, residential-like environment.

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